Guild Wars Resources

This is a brief list of some useful GW resources. I will be updating it periodically.

Game Effects
Miscellaneous Game Effects
Game Calculations and Stacking Caps
More Mechanics and Stacking
Clarifying Obscure Mechanics
Positioning and Movement
Recharge/Cast Time Stacking
Combat Mathematics

Attribute Calculator
Divine Favor
Fast Casting

Pet Guide
Improve your tanking

Voice Communication
Teamspeak (TS)
Ventrilo (Vent)
Notes on Voice Communication

GvG Resources

Guild Hall Analysis
Basic Movement and Tactical Play
Map categorization and schematics
Positional play and nomenclature
Top Guilds Battles with Commentary
Difference between good and best GvG teams
Basic Ganking
Basic Splitting
Guide to Movement
Build Creation, Build Style and Synergy

Official Guild Wars Website
Official Guild Wars Wiki
Fansite Guild Wars Wiki
Guild Wars Guru
The Guild Hall

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