Sneak peak at GW:EN armor and special gloves.


I deleted other images because it turned out that the person who shot them used a private server.

Most of the armors can be found on this complete GWO guide.

GW Wiki Armor Gallery
Official GW Wiki Armor Gallery


16 thoughts on “Guild Wars Eye of the North Armor Leak

  1. Fake, I don’t believe that Arena Net would talk about how much GW:EN was supposed to be their way of giving something back to the players that have played since the beginning and then turn around and reskin armors that already exist in GW. I refuse to believe those are legit.

  2. Well, I thought the same thing at the time. But if you think about it, it kinda makes sense that they just reskinned them. GW:EN is supposed to be “set” in Tyria. They’re bringing back the Charr… why wouldn’t they just change the armors a little from the Tyrian armors? I mean, how have blue jeans changed over the years, yet they’re still the same basic idea. Some blend a little of the oriental theme from Factions as well. I kinda like the idea. Even though it is kinda cheap.

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