Pokemon on steroids is a fun game to try, but many people find it challenging. Here are some resources and tips to help you become a Polymock master 🙂

Polymock takes time to get used to… It took me about two hours to learn and finish all opponents. The key is in good energy management and timely interruptions / defense.

Based on my experience I think it is important to:

– Cast most powerful skill in the beginning of the fight, but with last three it is better to use defensive skill first
– Cast skills at the same time as your opponent to reduce probability of an interrupt
– The most important thing is to set yourself in responding rather than attacking mode. Think about the skills they use and their recharge. Interrupt only the most powerful skills or pre-prot yourself with a defensive skill when you see it coming.
– Keep an interrupt and defensive skills ready for activation and manage your energy well.

Pieces I used:

Gargoyle (one of my favorites)
Fire Imp
Ice Imp
Kappa (used in in almost every battle since acquisition)
Fire Elemental
Ice Elemental (very good vs last Polymock masters)
Earth Elemental (the most powerful Ele, I prefer to place it third when determining the order)

Polymock will be somewhat easier to learn for Monks, Mesmers,and Rangers because of the skills Polymock utilizes.

Don’t follow these guides blindly. Most suggestions are good, but you might need to use other pieces to succeed – choose what works best for you.

Official GW Wiki (List of Polymock pieces)
Fan GW Wiki (Tactics)
Rob’s Polymock Guide on GWO (Advice on pieces choices)
Miscellaneous Polymock Suggestions on GW Guru

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