Do you remember the good old days when it took more than five hours to clear all DoA and several hours to clear The Deep and Urgoz? I still remember that sleep demons were more dangerous than the beasties in the missions lol Well, all elite areas are not that elite anymore thanks to overpowered PvE skills and consumables. Find out how to clear elite areas under one hour and, in some cases, under thirty minutes 🙂

Domain of Anguish

The fastest way to clear DoA is Ursan. The skill is obviously overpowered and should be modified, but at least it provides a chance for non-popular professions to experience the content. Here are some guides for use of Ursan:

GW Guru
Me/P Resistant Panda


Recently, DVDF guild held a competition to complete UW in the fastest way possible. The key to the fast clear is splitting. These threads has a list of some of the successful builds and details on tactics:

Fastest UW Clear
Fastest UW Time in Hard Mode

The Deep, Urgoz, FoW

This thread has a list of the fastest times and some builds. The Deep was cleared in 19 minutes!!!

Fastest Elite Area Times


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