Recently, I found about the Uniqlock website and was fortunate enough to witness a fun video clip that appears relatively rarely. The original clip had music, but I didn’t record it unfortunately. I added another track to the footage 😛 The video is somewhat laggy and music timing is somewhat off, but this is just for illustrative purposes only to give you a feel of the thing lol I think Uniqlock is a very nice creative project 🙂

Here is another video of some older Uniqlock performance, but I didn’t make this one:

Uniqlock(It changes every hour)
UNIQLO (Wiki entry about the company)
Koichiro Tanaka Interview

3 thoughts on “Uniqlock Sootballs and Dust Bunnies

  1. So it’s a clothes company? Oh what strange things that are found across the sea! XD

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