Grab some mushrooms and listen to this.

Naisu no Mori (aka Funky Forest) is absolutely crazy Japanese film. Any attempt to describe what it is about will inevitably fail (you can find it on Crunchyroll). I like these kinds of surreal Japanese films. Any suggestions on similar films?

Some excerpts:

Notti’s Dream (The Volume live concert)

Home Room!!!!!!!! (Teacher’s expression is priceless lol)


4 thoughts on “Naisu no Mori: The First Contact

  1. Indiscreet door sliding heh… Epic.

    The link you posted was an AMV of the movie and even though it looks bloody, Kara no Kyoukai isn’t really all knife-work and building jumping. More dialog and introspection than action… despite how the AMV creator made it seem. Besides, I think the creator just used Windows Movie Maker to chop off clips and paste them together. Most of the scenes didn’t fit to the song and more timing effects should have been used.

  2. No biggy. An AMV is better than a blank (black backgrounded) credit roll. I was trying to find a clip including Shiki’s cute side right before the ending. No luck but thanks for the attempt.

  3. Wow Bizarrrrro! haha thanks for letting me know where that pic is from. This shit is mind boggling. Tripping time… haha!

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