Winter Days – Fuyu no Hi

June 15, 2008

Winter Days is a collaborative project by 35 leading animators across the world that created 36 thirty to sixty seconds long animations (the producer made two). It is based on the renku by the 17th-century Japanese poets: Basho, Yasui, Kakei, Jugo, Tokoku, Shohei and Yasui. Winter Days won the Grand Prize of the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2003.

Here are some animations that I liked:

1. Yuriy Norshteyn

10. Tatsuo Shimamura

12. Aleksandr Petrov

13. Maya Yonesho

19. Katsushi Boda

29. Isao Takahata

Learn More:

Winter Days (Wiki)
Winter Days – Burried Treasure (ANN)
Winter Days Review

One comment

  1. […] this anime because of one person – Tatsuo Shimamura. He was one of the animators and producer of Winter Days. I am not into Yaoi, but I enjoyed this first episode. I especially liked the music in this anime – […]

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