Another episode, another clarification. It seems that my prediction about Hyo Hyo turned out to be true 🙂

– Neiro did die from the hand of Warp, but it seems they retained her DNA for some reason and her body was regrown
– Kaiba collected Neiro’s memories after she died
– Kichi modded her memory to instill hatred for Kaiba and mask good memories of Kaiba
– Hyo Hyo has Neiro’s real memories
– It is still not clear who resurrected Neiro. “I give you another life to defeat Warp,” said Dada-sama. However, we later learn that it was Kaiba who revived Neiro… This seems contradictory…

Popo forces Warp clones to kill current fake Warp ruler. Popo does not hesitate at all to kill several Warps stored as chips.

They brainwashed Cheki when she wanted to remind Neiro of her past.

Neiro’s parents and Neiro herself were killed by Warp.

She was revived and recruited by Dada-sama.

Kaiba collected Neiro’s memory after her death.

Her true memory is stored in Hyo Hyo.

Since Neiro’s memory was altered, she wanted to attack Kaiba because she thought that he is Warp that killed her parents, but her memories started to re-surface.

It seemed that she remembered Kaiba, but, thanks to Popo’s continuous remarks, vengeance took precedence over love and she blew Kaiba up…

Uncontrollable tears poured from her heart…

2 thoughts on “Kaiba – Episode 9 – Attack Warp!

  1. This was my favourite episode yet! The ending was so sad, I was on the verge of tears! I don’t believe Kaiba is really dead though, but you can never really be sure, especially when it comes to this series…

  2. Yes, it was a very sad episode 😦

    Since he has an authentic body, it should be highly resistant, so we should have hope 🙂

    This anime manages to accomplish so much in so little time. It has very high density compared to some other series. Thus, I have a feeling that many events can happen in the next three episodes 🙂

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