Some new details about GW2 and Anet plans to make their next game a more traditional MMORPG.

For commerce, it is confirmed that Guild Wars 2 will feature a robust crafting system. In addition, equipment like weapons and armor will play a more important role than before and won't be bound to the profession - unlike the original Guild Wars.

Equipment is a lot more important in Guild Wars 2. You will be able find a lot of cool items that will help with character development.


While GW2 will retain many of its original concepts the more news we learn the more clear it becomes that it will feel more like a traditional MMORPG such as World of Warcraft. When Jeff Strain mentioned the equipment, it reminded me of this story from WoW…

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 – Crafting System and Equipment will Play an Important Role

  1. In GW2 PvP will be very easy to enter. Once you enter in a PvP arena, your character (there will be no PvP and PvE separate characters) will gain access to maximum level, all weapons, equipment, and skills (UAX). This is a great advantage over the system we have now in GW1.

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