This episode provided additional details on the background of Neiro and Kaiba.

– Kaiba met Neiro when he had fallen from the sky
– Neither Wrap nor Kaiba killed Neiro – it was a robot guard
– Kaiba revived Neiro by injecting her remains and memories into super incubator
– Neiro was reborn and they planned to escape from the palace with Kaiba
– Kaiba’s awakened clone flushed Neiro and Kaiba from the palace
– Kaiba gave his last energy to secure Neiro with protective field
– The more strain Kaiba’s body endures, the wider his hole in the body becomes
– After their landing the events covered in episode one started

The episode starts with Kaiba falling. It seemed like an attempted suicide to me… Perhaps, he was sick of living in that castle controlled by the AI.

Neiro helped Kaiba recover from the fall.

Kaiba and Neiro became good friends

Kaiba saved Neiro by suspending the crumbling walls in the air at the ancient ruins, but experienced some dissonance and run away.

Popo discovered that Kaiba is Warp and ordered Neiro to find and kill him. Security robot shot Neiro.

Kaiba collected Neiro’s remains and resurrected her.

Neiro found a way to escape from the palace.

However, Warp clone was born and flushed them down. Kaiba gave his last energy to protect Neiro.

4 thoughts on “Kaiba – Episode 10

  1. It was a good episode indeed. Only two episodes left! 🙂 The title of the last episodes sounds especially intriguing: みんな雲の中

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