Very action oriented episode, but some nice additional details about Ranka were revealed as well.


Vajra fleet commences the attack on Frontier, Sheryl tries to defend with not very good results, and Ohima-sama saves the day.

Ranka is still in the main ship. She sees her mother and they sing Aimo.

Burera saves Ranka again, says that his is from Galaxy’s special forces, and Macross fleet nukes the Vajra.

Now, this episode featured something very important. Looks like Ranka’s cells are infected with phages .

It seems that the DNA part in the phage contains the crystal. We saw before that the crystal in Sheryl earrings might have some special properties. It can be seen in reaction of Ranka’s abdominal area when they were singing with Sheryl in episode seven. These crystal analogs of DNA might hold knowledge and memories of ancient civilizations… Also, Vajra in Sanskrit means a diamond and was used as a weapon

6 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – Episode 14 – Mother’s Lullaby

  1. I do love macross frontier. What gets me is that the music is so appropriate. Its not unusual for me to shed a tear watching this show. The panty shots are a bit much but hey its a modern anime lol… thanks for the heads up about this episode… episode 14… I’ll watch it today…

  2. Great episode. I liked the mother’s version of Aimo better. I am dissapointed Battle 25 didnt detach from island 1 and fight the Vajra

  3. Yes, the mother’s version of Aimo sounded better 🙂 Perhaps, because her mature and nurturing voice allowed her to manifest the essence of the lullaby.

    I don’t know what Battle 25 and Island 1 are, so it didn’t bother me at all 😛 EDIT: Well, I do know what it is now 🙂

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