Kaiba and Neiro

What an episode… So many events, emotions, and… deaths.

Notice the absence of Neiro.

The episode begins with an impressive chase sequence.

The city is engulfed by the gas.

Popo finds Cheki, but she is still in a zombioid state.

Popo is quite upset about it.

They take off to the palace, and Popo dreams about the future and his mother.

However, he gets a little overexcited and drops the memory chip accidentally, essentially killing his mother.

He is completely devastated.

His mother did so much for him when he was young, but he was a very selfish person.

Popo and Neiro’s families. Popo refused to go together with Neiro’s family.

Oh, do you recognize this dog that Neiro is holding? ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like a companion of the cat designer from the episode five.

Popo’s mother sacrificed her body to help her son, and Dada-samas indoctrinated Popo while he was still young.

At the palace, Popo celebrates and basks in illusions of grandeur.

He even trips on his own cloak.

The beginning of the end.

Dada-samas celebrate their liberation, but…

… fake Warp appears. It is all Dada-samas fault because they tricked Popo into believing that they executed him some time ago.

Then he proceeds to destroy memory tanks.

Neiro is very disturbed by Kaiba’s supposed death of her hand.

Kaiba wakes up, thanks Hyo Hyo, and says that he is Warp. He addresses Neiro, but does not finish the sentence. Then he leaves for the palace to restore the world order.

Neiro was so happy a few moments ago that Kaiba is still alive, but now she is shocked of his sudden departure. Nonetheless, she is determined to go after him.

The episode ends with them flying to the palace!

*SPOILERS* This is the summary of the episode 12 ๐Ÿ™‚


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