Infanticide, Macross, mother, and love…

Macross captain Kichi in action.

Impressive arsenal…

He fights till the very end even shooting lasers from his eyes! It seems that Kichi really liked Neiro since childhood. When he dies, Hyo Hyo, that is essentially Neiro’s copy, swallows his memories for posterity.

Here is this dog again!!!

Fake Warp kills all his siblings…

…and the epic battle begins. Fake Warp grabs the remote control from the body of Popo and nukes Kaiba…

Kaiba survives, but fake Warp attacks again with some… Uber Galaxy Cannon?

Kaiba retaliates with a sophisticated weapon scientifically called “mind****”.

That weapon seems to be quite effective…

While they are fighting, Neiro is helping others. It seems they still don’t have their memories as they help each other as if nothing happened among them in the past.

Then suddenly… Holy macaroni!!!

The next true Warp!

He kills fake Warp that Neiro just saved.

It looks like that is just the beginning…

Now we have mother issue… The new Warp has mother memory attack… Apparently, Kaiba’s mother tried to poison him, but she was forced to do it. Since she loved him, she gave not enough poison to kill him.

Neiro comforts Kiaba and tells him that his mother really loved him. Remember that bird from the episode one? That was Kaiba’s mother, and she had in storage Kaiba’s good memories about her. Hyo Hyo threw those memories to Kaiba, and he resolved his conflict, revived in a new form without a hole in his body.

Kaiba sends his memories into Kaiba plant and it explodes.

Everything is over. Since most people don’t have any memories, they start their life anew, treating each other as friends. However, it might the the case that something is still left in them. Kichi’s sister takes a hand of Popo. It is not clear how much memory Kaiba pumped into the plant, but it seems he does remember Neiro and smiles to her upon awakening. The episode ends with a scene of Hyo Hyo and Kichi sitting in the memory transfer apparatus. It seems that she did manage to transfer some memory that she swallowed back to him 🙂

I didn’t quite understand all the dialog in this episode. You can visit Kaiba thread on Anime Suki for possible further clarification.

Overall, Kaiba turned out to be a great anime! 🙂 Unlike in other cases, it was not easy to predict where the plot would go and it touched so many themes. Perhaps, I’ll write a review on Kaiba sometime in August after I finish Paprika review.

4 thoughts on “Kaiba – Episode 12 (Finale)

  1. Perhaps, it should have ended more tragically, but the current ending carries a positive message and provides hope. We see an extensive exploration of human nature in Kaiba, especially the dark side of people. However, in the end, when they start life anew with an open mind, they see each other as human beings, without cognitive distortions imposed by the society and the environment. Thus, the author implies that humans are ultimately benevolent in essence.

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