Guess what was the reaction to Japanese team.

Cheers: Cuba, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Pakistan, Great Britan, Germany.

No response: Burkina-Faso, Kazakhstan, Guam, and some others.

The second loudest applause of the evening went to the US team, which won support though much of it may have come from Americans themselves, who, considering where a majority of Olympic sponsorship deals come from, made up a good portion of the audience. Kobe Bryant and flag bearer Lopez Lomong, a refugee of the war in Sudan, garnered even louder cheers. But when President Bush and his wife came on the big screen, the tone changed noticeably. Boos were audible.

The quiet that accompanied Japan was deafening.

Photos of the opening ceremony
Beijing Olympics Photo Gallery


What the Opening Ceremony Was Like on the Inside, and What to Expect by Alex Pasternack
Japanese athletes wave Chinese flags at Opening Ceremony by Japan Probe


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