They played this horrible song again >.> Some flute music was nice though.

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15 thoughts on “Blade of the Immortal – Episode 3

  1. *kyaaa~~~~* …but it is so pretty! wow! I thought it would be impossible for them to make an anime from such a perfectly drawn manga… but from what you’ve shown in this post, they have managed pretty well! I’m so watching this anime! ^^

  2. Well, I try to select relatively good screenshots for the posts, but the anime feel can be quite different from pretty pictures. Music is a large part of anime experience to me, and, unfortunately, this anime does not deliver. Moreover, some scenes, especially in the previous episodes seemed quite poorly executed. Manga is far superior to this anime.

  3. omg omg!!

    Thanks, I always I read to you, I can’t see the episodes with “Veoh” in my damn country -Chile-.

    and your words and images, are perfects for my xtressed heart xD.

    Thanks… And I think that the music is so so, o_o… But the music in the opening is.. AAGGFAGAFARG. (She hates that music, I want to say, me xD)…

    WTF EYES’ RIN!??
    Shee looks with a big face, I don’t know, sorry my english xD… I will try to says more better:

    Her face looks with a form…. continue… yesh? sorry xd

  4. Cheetah, thank you for such warm words and for reading my blog 🙂

    Yup, the opening song is quite poor.

    I am not certain what are you trying to tell me about Rin’s face. In the second shot where her eyes are closed and she is in a cloak, her face might seem bigger, but that is just the folding of the cloth. Another shot is an extreme close up of Rin’s face, and she is crying because she recognized her mother… The other shot has rays of light coming out of her eyes, but those are her tears because she moved very quickly. The last possibility that I can think of is that you are referring to the expression rather than the face itself, pointing out that she looks like she is asking to continue in the shot with a hand in her mouth. I don’t think this is the case because I read her expression as fear.

    That’s all I can think about. Please elaborate what are you trying to communicate about her face.

  5. While I do agree that the manga is much more superior to the anime, the animated series is starting to grow on me (even the music).
    The third episode really picked things up (the first two were pretty blah) and Manji finally has his confident smirk. He was much too deadpan serious in the earlier episodes.
    Thanks for writing about the anime. If anything, “Blade of the Immortal” is catching more attention than it received in the last two years.

  6. I did think the fight rocked considering how much they changed it, the way the guys heads kept wobbling as he ran was awesome…
    But Im starting to miss the violence, it’s not as funny if they dont have to go look for his legs after a fight… I think the soundtrack is excellent (apart from the opening), they problem is they’re using it in completely the wrong places, and it’s turned up way too loud..

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