Yuki Onna (雪女)

“Asleep or awake, that was the only time that I saw a being as beautiful as you. Of course, she was not a human being; and I was afraid of her,– very much afraid,– but she was so white!… Indeed, I have never been sure whether it was a dream that I saw, or the Woman of the Snow.”… (Source)

Why is summer ghost season in Japan?

Mid-August is considered a spiritual season because of Buddhist traditions. Many honor the dead during Bon by gathering and paying respects at ancestral graves.

The date and customs vary depending on region, but family members typically meet on Aug. 13 and begin a bonfire called “mukae-bi.” It is believed the practice brings souls of the dead back from the other world.

After cleaning family graves, families greet and show respect for the dead by chanting sutras and preparing special meals.

The souls are sent back to the other world with “okuri-bi” bonfires, which are usually lit on Aug. 16.

It’s ghost season in Japan — who you gonna call? (Japan Times)

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