Ranka with glasses

Sheryl is Alto’s sister!!! :O Ranka + glasses = FAIL!

The episode starts with childhood memory flashback.

That Ai-kun creature received some kind of signal.

Burera is overseeing Gotham city and guarding Ranka.

Ranka mania.

Right… What can Ranka do to disguise herself? Put the glasses on of course! Nobody will recognize her that way! >.>

People, never look into suspicious garbage collectors…

I’ma charging my fireballs!

Um… Ranka’s reaction is somewhat unnatural. The cat might have eaten your brother, and you are laughing?! WTH!

Women can make a man do anything they want…


Ok… I’ll take a bite….


Michael and Kuran have fun as always πŸ™‚

If you have ever been to San Francisco, you’ll recognize this place. The sea kitties are fun, but be vigilant about the birds – they tend to conduct bombing missions πŸ˜› Another dangerous creature in the area is the bush man. He hides behind a mobile bush and scares the hell out of pedestrians! πŸ˜›

Now the highlight of the episode!!!

Evil Alto’s brother took Sheryl to his house.

Alto visits him and sees… that Sheryl looks very similar to his mother! Freud would be pleased πŸ˜› That might mean that Sheryl has some genes of Alto’s mother, and that Alto will choose Ranka!!! It is a very sad day for Sheryl fans πŸ˜›

Evil Grace…

Wonderful scenery. Alto’s brother and Sheryl talk about the past.

Ranka thinks about Alto…

Ranka’s Concert.

In the mean time…

Do you remember love? Not as emotionally charged, but good nonetheless.

Wonderful ending pictures.

High Quality Version


The new song Ranka sings at the concert is called Anata no Oto (Your Sound). Here are the lyrics:


Anata no oto, dokun dokun dokun

Kikoete kuru yo, dokun dokun dokun
Ikiteiru oto, yasashii oto

Word for Word Grammar Translation
Your sound, lub dub, lub dub, lub dub
I can hear it , lub dub lub dub, lub dub
A living sound, a gentle sound

Poetic Singable Translation
The sound of your heartbeat, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
I can hear it thrusting now, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
It is the sound of life, the sound of tenderness

Source: Macross F Episode 19 Insert Song: Anata No Oto (Gabriella Robin)

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14 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – Episode 19

  1. This episode is total win and very dramatic LMAO For a first time Macross watcher, it WORKED. I see Sheryl fans rage at Ranka for interrupting Sheryl and Alto on the roof like some jealous school girls. They’re afraid Alto will run towards Ranka and explain. This is to me episode 11 all over again and we’re almost at the end already. It’s definitely a Ranka ending after what they did here.

    OTOH! Did you hear Ranka’s new song? I’m in love with it. I wish they’ll play it again later on.

  2. Oh ,that’s a direct rip from the episode itself .. Can’t wait for the OST to be out .. The song sounds so cuteee . Thx alot πŸ™‚

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