It sounds much better with shamisen ๐Ÿ˜›

It features Kabuki-za and Suntory Hall Orchestra holding the performance on the 250th anniversary celebration of the Great Fire of Edo and 300th anniversary of the Great Eruption of the Fuji-san (Source)

Here is another video from the same performance (We Will Rock You – Queen), but it is not as impressive as Smoke on the Water.


9 thoughts on “Oedo no Hikeshi – Smoke on the Water

  1. I *love* this video. Ever since I found it on YouTube months ago, it’s been among my favorites.

    You don’t happen to know anything about it, do you? When, where it was performed, in what context? Who the performers are?


  2. Hello to all!
    Could you help me, please! I`m looking for this song in good quality of sound. May be do anybody knows where it might be in Inet?
    Thank you.
    Yulia from Russia

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