Aurora: Mozilla’s New Concept Browser

August 27, 2008

Earlier this month, Mozilla released several videos depicting the future of internet browsing.

Aurora Concept Videos

Part 1. Aurora explores new ways people could interact with the Web in the future based on projected technological trends and real-world scenarios.

Part 2. An experimental UI proposal for Firefox Mobile.

Part 3. Web connected more closely with physical world

Part 4. Large-scale, gestural interface

Bookmarking & History Concept. An investigation into a better way of visualizing and interacting with bookmarks, your history, and the browser in general. ( Lovely voice🙂 )

What functions would you like to see in a future browser?


Mozilla Labs: Introducing the Concept Series; Call for Participation
Aurora (Adaptive Path)
Bookmarking (Wei Zhou’s Blog)
Firefox Mobile Concept


  1. Whoa! That was cool. I wonder when this would happen, since it looks quite complicated and I think it would take time for all the people to handle this one. The ‘scan fingerprint’ thing looks awesome too.

  2. Yup, it would take sometime to develop such a browser, but some of the functions might be easier to implement.

  3. The only thing I’m getting out of that first video is “clutter.”

  4. thanks so this post. thanks celestialkitsune admin

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