Were Japanese people satisfied by the performance of their athletes at the Olympics?

Did you watch the Olympics? (Sample size=516)

Yes 75.0%
No 25.0%

Which sports did you watch? Results only doesn’t count. (Sample size=387, multiple answer, top twenty reported)

Rank Percentage
1 Swimming 84.8%
2 Judo 76.2%
3 Softball 72.1%
4 Track and field 67.7%
5 Baseball 67.2%

Which athletes, teams do you think were successful? (Sample size=516, multiple answer, top thirty reported)

Rank Percentage
1 Kosuke Kitajima (swimming) 88.4%
2 Softball team 71.2%
3 Yukiko Ueno (softball) 62.0%
4 Saori Yoshida (wrestling) 60.6%
5 Kaori Icho (wrestling) 58.8%
6 Chiharu Icho (wrestling) 54.9%
7 Kyoko Hamaguchi (wrestling) 51.2%
8 Masato Uchishiba (Judo) 50.6%
9 Satoko Suetsuna and Miyuki Maeda (badminton) 50.2%
10 Kohei Uchimura (gymnastics) 48.6%

Which scenes involving Japanese sportspeople were emotional for you? (Sample size=490, multiple answer, top twenty reported)

Rank Percentage
1 Kosuke Kitajima winning two gold medals in swimming 71.6%
2 Softball team winning the gold medal 70.2%
3 Kosuke Kitajima winning the 100 metres breaststroke in world record time. Crying in the interview 54.3%
4 Japan getting the bronze in the men’s 400 metres. All four hugging after the race 44.3%
5 Ayumi Tanimoto winning the women’s 63 kg judo gold by ippon. Hugging her coach and crying tears of joy 34.1%
6 Women’s badminton pair Satoko Suetsuna and Miyuki Maeda beating number one ranked China and getting 4th place 32.2%
7 Masato Uchishiba winning the men’s 66 kg judo gold and shouting out his son’s name 30.0%
8= Kaori Icho winning her second consecutive gold medal in the women’s 63 kg wrestling 28.6%
8= Yuki Ota winning Japan’s first silver medal in fencing 28.6%
10 Saori Yoshida winning the women’s 55 kg wrestling gold and doing a back-flip 26.3%

Source: Looking back at the Beijing Olympics (What Japan Thinks)

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Perception of Beijing Olympics 2008

  1. While it is a limited and non-representative sample, my numerous Chinese co-workers were quite pleased with the performance. China earned the most gold medals this time, but at what human cost – that is another question.

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