Japanese workers take the least paid vacation among several countries in the world, a recent survey by Expedia, an Internet-based travel agency in the United States, has revealed.

Questionnaire: 8 Countries in Europe and North America. The survey was conducted online among men and women aged 16 and over from March to August this year, and about 4,000 people responded.

Japanese Annual Average Paid Vacation: 8 days

Countries with Most Vacation Time: France (34 days), Italy and Spain (27days)

Why Japanese employees can’t take more holidays?

– “Too busy with work”
– “Their bosses and colleagues have yet to take their paid leave”

What countermeasures should be introduced to deal with the problem?

“Managers should encourage workers to take more paid holidays.” The survey has underscored the importance of creating an environment that makes it easy for employees to take paid leave.

Source: Japanese only take average of 8 days paid vacation a year (Mainichi)


8 thoughts on “How many days of paid vacation Japanese take?

  1. I always had a thought, that South Korea had the least. But I guess I was wrong. XD When I lived in Italy, the month of Aug. was “vacation” month, so I can believe those numbers. XD

  2. One of the things I miss about England is all the vacation time lol.

    Over there standard was pretty much 5 weeks a year paid and then of course you have your bank holidays on top of that.

    Over here in States, I work one month to earn a day ‘sigh’

    And I rarely take a day off. A few months back with a temperature of 103 I dragged my butt into work.

    Why? Because I knew my supervisor wouldn’t be there which made me the only supervisor around and well I don’t trust the morons there not to do something stupid.

    Or be able to handle the simplest of things. If I do take a day off I spend 2 days organizing everything so they don’t have to do anything when I’m gone. Which actually means more work than normal, hence why I usually don’t take a day off.

    Its actually less work if I don’t.

    I need a vacation… But then that would mean horrible amounts of work. Its just a no win situation.

    Besides, the buggers usually bug me by email if I am out.

    I have two days coming up that I need to take off both are like two weeks away. (I’m already planning what I need to get done for when I’m out!)

  3. Sakura, it sounds like you have very busy work and much responsibility rests on your shoulders. The good part of it is that it looks like you are really irreplaceable at work, so your position is safe 🙂 You deserve more vacation!

  4. The BBC recently featured the story of a Japanese karoshi victim. Sad story, and tragically not unique.

    This is precisely why I plan to quit my own job in the near future. As my mum keeps telling me, what’s the use of a fat paycheque if you’v got no time to spend it?

  5. Indeed, much money, but little time is not a healthy situation. I had to change my future career because of that factor among other things.

    Diego, I hope you’ll find a new job you really enjoy 🙂

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