Results of the survey on the US presidential elections and Japan politics by the Nippon Foundation.

n = 11,131 respondents

Support Obama = 48.6%
Support McCain = 13.3%

US-Japan relations are poor = 52.4%

Dissatisfaction with Japanese Politics = 89%
Why? Because “politicians aren’t thinking of the public and are instead pursuing personal gain at the expense of national interests.”

Women prime minister is unlikely: only 36.7 percent of the survey participants think there is a chance a female prime minister will emerge.

“The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is set to choose its new leader from among five candidates on Sept. 22, including the first female candidate, Yuriko Koike.”

Source: Voters favor Obama for U.S., are fed up with Japan: poll (Japan Times)

As for Toyama…

Koichi Toyama, the man who ran for governor of Tokyo and became a YouTube celebrity through his speeches calling for the destruction of Japan, is back! Now he’s got something to say about the presidential election in the United States:

This is his old famous gubernatorial election speech:

Source: Koichi Toyama wants to be President of the United States (Japan Probe)


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