Japanese Bloggers Rule the World!

Many blogs are written in Japanese and many people use web feeds to read blogs. Now we have a problem: how can we read feeds from Japanese blogs if we are not fluent? I encourage everyone who is studying the language to read original Japanese for practice, but sometimes we just need to get the information and move on. There is a solution to this problem! You can make custom blog feeds and translate them not only to English, but other languages as well 🙂

If the website is still overloaded, check out cached version for now.

How to translate the web feeds:

1. Go to the website of interest
2. Find web feed URL ( Usually an orange icon with white stripes will appear on your address bar, or somewhere on the navigation menu. On my blog you can find both 😛 )
3. Copy web feed URL
4. Go to http://mloovi.com/
5. Paste the URL, select the appropriate languages, and hit translate

Very easy procedure 🙂

For example, let’s take Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa), that cat eating monster girl otaku 😛 I created a Japanese to English translation of her web feed here 🙂 Be patient though, the service might be down due to traffic right now. There is a proper English version of the blog anyway it turns out, but it is different in content from the Japanese version.

Shokotan in Akihabara. Cosplay as Ayanami Rei

Shokotan Sailor Moon! (You might want to skip the Goku cosplay part at the end because it might be too scary 😛 )

Shokotan as… Bruce Lee…

Source: Translate & Subscribe to Blog Feeds Written in Foreign Languages with Mloovi (Digital Inspiration)

4 thoughts on “How to Create English Versions of Japanese Blog Feeds

  1. Oh my.. That sounds like a lot of homework :O I wish you luck ! 🙂 I am sure you can accelerate it, just put on that Maid Guy mask 😛

    So… Do you prefer 2D Rei Ayanami, 3D Rei figure, or Shokotan Rei? 😛

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