Three reasons, three videos, and a poll 😛

Gackt Can Stretch!

Gackt Can Deflect Arrows and Bullets!

Gackt Can Sing!

Gackt (Wiki)


9 thoughts on “Why People Like Gackt?

  1. I don’t even really know much about this guy, just that he’s pretty and was in a movie I watched a while back! 😛 Therefor, I am neutral. ❤

  2. *Raises eyebrow* But the movie I saw was about boy love. And yes Alto is PRETTY, but his other traits are lacking…and he was barely in that move! *Stands by Alto dislike* XD

  3. Its okay amayalee can hate Alto, I’ll love my Hime enough for everyone.

    I have more love to give him since my Michel-kun is gone, gone…

    (looks at the link) Ooooooh look at all the yummy prettiness!

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