How people spend their discretionary income – the cash that goes to clothing, electronics, recreation, household goods, alcohol – depends a lot on where they live. People in Greece spend almost 13 times more money on clothing as they do on electronics. People living in Japan spend more on recreation than they do on clothing, electronics and household goods combined. Americans spend a lot of money on everything.

What Your Global Neighbors Are Buying (New York Times)

Note that Japan is the second in the world after the US in both recreation and alcohol & tobacco consumption.

[via Flowing Data]


2 thoughts on “Consumption Around the World

  1. Quite an interesting article, Japan is the 2nd largest economy and citizens in more developed countries do tend to spend more in some areas(Or on everything, like the U.S. =P) That article also showed how the citizens in NDCs (Newly Developed Countries) are spending thier money, which was interesting to note as well, Brazil is beginning to stick out!

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