Skip Beat! Kyoko

Kyoko moves from manga to anime. Was the transition successful?

Genres: comedy, romance

Plot Summary: Kyoko has devoted her life to Shotaro. When Shotaro came to Tokyo to debut as a singer, she followed him and worked to provide for him. But one day, Kyoko overhears Shota telling his manager that Kyoko means nothing to him. She’s just convenient, a housekeeper. This makes Kyoko furious, and she vows revenge on Shotaro. But Shotaro just laughs at her, saying she won’t be able to touch him because he’s now a popular singer and she’s a nobody. So Kyoko decides to get into showbiz and become even more popular than Shotaro to humiliate him. Unfortunately, Shotaro has destroyed Kyoko’s ability to love, and she discovers that it is a prerequisite for her to debut from her chosen company, LME. The president of LME puts her into a new section made for those who caught his eye but have something missing. It’s name… Section Love Me. (ANN)

Kyoko’s Got The Look! (Roxette)

I have not read the manga, but found the first episode quite entertaining, especially due to Kyoko’s expressions 😛 I liked Kyoko’s voice actor, Marina INOUE, who also voiced Chiri-chan from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 🙂

While the anime looked like a comedy from the beginning, it seems like a drama at the core. Kyoko loves Shotaro, but he treats her horribly. I really hate the guy! Fortunately, Kyoko discovers true feeling of Shotaro by overhearing the conversation. I wish she didn’t miss with that package of food lol Guards take her away, and she can’t do anything to Shotaro.

However, moments of despair can serve as a source of personal growth. She changes herself completely: she cuts and dyes her hair and opens her eyes with new enthusiasm, ready to climb to the summit. I contemplate if I should blog about this anime…

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8 thoughts on “Skip Beat! – Episode 1 and Impressions

  1. The transition was very successful I think. The first episode adapted the first chapter of the manga perfectly. A good add-in along the way and just the absolute craziness from the manga.

    I hope you do decide to blog it, especially because you haven’t read the manga. Most people blogging it already have so I really want to see how people see the anime when they’re seeing things for the first time.

  2. Ah, it is good to hear that the transition went well 🙂

    Yes, I might blog it, especially since I have more time on weekends because it airs on Sunday 🙂

  3. The Skip Beat anime is awesome *____* One of the few shoujo mangas out there whose anime adaptation lives up to the source, or so I hope, if this quality continues on till the later episodes.

    I say blog this anime for more Skip Beat love! XD

    Now that the first episode has aired, I guess it’s time to redirect my attention to Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian! ❤

  4. Mwah ha ha~ From what I’ve seen, they’ve done justice to the manga so far. A friend says Kyouko’s face is too wide and Ren’s not as bishie as he is in the manga…but I think that’s being nitpicky. I do wish Sho’s hair wasn’t that blond though…it’s Tamaki blond.

    And I’m not sure if she missed with that box of food or not…did it bounce off him and end up on the wall? She nailed him with the good Kyouko’s though, right in the face, mweh he he.

  5. Usagijen,

    Another confirmation of the adaptation quality! Looks like the transition was really successful 🙂

    Yup, I’ll probably blog about it 🙂

    Oh yeah, Sebastian is awesome 🙂

    – – –


    It looks like we have a consensus among those who read manga that anime was true to the spirit of the original 🙂

    – – –


    Oh, those are really minor details that, hopefully, will not affect the viewing experience 🙂

    Indeed, that direct hit was great! hehe

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