Skip Beat 2: Banquet of Shivering (Senritsu no Utage, 戦慄の宴)

Kyoko shows us how to get a job lol

Additional screenshots that didn’t load properly:

What a fun episode! Marina Inoue did a great job again conveying the emotions of the heroine 🙂 Kyoko has such a strong will, determined to succeed no matter what. Her numerous expressions are priceless! I was very surprised to see the props she selected lol I am really enjoying this series so far and wonder where it will go next. I would like to hear some songs 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Skip Beat – Episode 2

  1. Damn torrent! Go faster! (I haven’t been able to watch the episode yet)

    But yay! It looks like they were able to introduce all the secondary characters now! It only get more interesting now!

  2. Every character that gets even one shot to themself is a recurring character you should see a lot of.

    Long black hair…Oh that’s Moko~! Or Kotonami Kanae really for her real name. As for her role later one…that’s a nice little secret (because it’s awesome when you find out).

  3. Haha poor Takenori, but he cowers in fear so wonderfully.

    I love the President and his fancy entrances.

    REN-SAMA! You can never hope to beat him Shou, Ren just far outclasses you.

    You can’t even hope to beat him where Kyoko is concerned… for reasons I won’t say because I won’t spoil it XD

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