Retired General Colin L. Powell, one of the most respected republicans, endorsed Obama and described in extensive details his reasons and critique of the GOP. Watch the video.

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14 thoughts on “Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

  1. No surprise. About 98% of black people will be voting for Barack Obama. Yet, ironically they are the ones who are complaining about racism.

    Obama is no Bill Clinton. Clinton is a de-regualtor just like John McCain. Clinton was the one who introduced NAFTA, which McCain supports.

    Obama is more of a extreme leftist. $1 trillion in new spending, more government programs and interventions, sending welfare checks to 45% of the 95% of the people in his tax plan because 45% of those people don’t even get taxed.

    Politicians like Obama are such pimps. They promise to spend a trillion dollars on you, but they don’t tell you that they are using YOUR MONEY!

    Obama’s Black Liberation Theology is based on Marxism for black people, the foundations of Communism. Even Bill Ayers was an extreme leftist.

    Our economy is very important, McCain is better for our economy. I hope people get educated before they vote.

  2. Ah, wonderful – of course Powell did it because of the race! Keep in mind that Powell gave Republican John McCain’s campaign the maximum $2,300 contribution.

    “If I had only had that in mind, I could have done this six, eight, 10 months ago. I really have been going back and forth between somebody I have the highest respect and regard for, John McCain, and somebody I was getting to know, Barack Obama. And it was only in the last couple of months that I settled on this,” said Colin Powell.

    Right, Obama is planning to take away all our money by lowering taxes for most people.

    Indeed, let’s attack a person’s faith and label it as communism, instead of talking about issues. It is this kind of fear that many people in the US feel that give rise to remarks such as this, this, and this by McCain supporters.

    Yes, I agree that people should get educated and make a wise choice.

    Be Very Afraid: This Person Might Be the Next President of the United States
    Be Afraid of President McCain: The frightening mind of an authoritarian maverick
    100 Reasons Why McCain Won’t Be President of the United States

  3. Suddenly because Powell is endorsing obama he is not as evil as he used to be? Yet, Powell was the one encouraging the Iraq war claiming they had WMD. Anyone with intelligence knows that Powell is endorsing based on race.

    98% of black people are voting for obama just because he is black. White people are split between obama, nadar, and McCain. Think about it.

    The truth is this is a race campaign. The Democrats control the senate and congress and have the lowest approval rating in US history. The Democrats couldn’t even beat Bush in the elections thus why they are going after the black vote in the US, about 45 million blacks. Thus, why obama voted present over 130 times, avoided the tough issues, and never challenged his party leaders on senate to preserve his political career. Only 143 days on state senate when he decided to run for office.

    The Democrats lost because the US is not a socialist/communist system. Americans fought against Nazi Germany, their socialist party, and communist USSR for decades, just to name a few.

    Again, Clinton supported deregulation and introduced FTAs like NAFTA. That is why the US economy was strong during his administration. McCain also supports deregulation and fights for FTAs like NAFTA. These initiatives will help our economy. Our economy is very important, McCain is better for our economy. I hope people get educated before they vote.

    US businesses create US jobs. obama wants to limit the growth of US businesses, which is limiting the growth of US jobs. If you increase tax on US businesses they will either just relocate to a lower tax country taking American jobs with them, pass the added tax cost to consumers or go bankrupt. GM and Ford can barely compete globally and obama wants to tax them more. The smaller businesses that are reliant on GM and Ford will also be greatly affected, destroying more US jobs.

    The US is the land of opportunity not the land of equal outcome. Why should government take your money and give it to people who are already on welfare to spread the wealth?

    What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

  4. Ah, Tina, Tina, Tina… How I wish you knew. I’ll admit that some of John McCain’s ideas SOUND nice, and may seem like it’ll work at first, but honestly, if out of the two, the one that could help us and our economy the most, it’s Obama! McCain is going to try to fix the economy by letting it “fixing itself,” while Obama’s going to let the government stick their foot in it.

    They’re both intelligent men, but I question McCain’s common sense sometimes. I know that he only picked Pailin is to get women’s votes! I mean really, given his old age and the recent allegation that McCain has cancer, could she be a proper president? Something about her makes her seem sneaky, a liar, and my friends were just joking on how she looks like a nympho, lol.

    And like Kitsune said, it’s not always about race, Powell didn’t choose Obama over McCain because he’s half black, however I do believe that many African-Americans will vote for Obama because of his race, JUST LIKE CAUCASIANS WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN BECAUSE OF HIS RACE. It goes both ways.

    I feel that if McCain should win, 97 % of the votes will come from white people racist (or even slightly racist) or rich, wealthy people who are loaded (since it seems it’ll only help them out), once again leaving us middle & poor classes to die… in a gutter…somewhere. ^_^

  5. Sarah,

    Powell is evil? Colin Powell has served under Democratic and Republican presidents. He is a former Secretary of State, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, former White House national security adviser, and is respected by people across political affiliations. Indeed, it is true that the evidence he based his UN speech on in 2003 was false, but he corrected the situation by pushing a reform in the intelligence community. In fact, he tried for two years to convince Bush not to invade Iraq and detailed the consequences of such action.

    It is interesting that you keep mentioning that 98% of African-Americans will vote for Obama. I wonder, where you retrieved such statistics? Also I find it peculiar that you only capitalize McCain’s name, leaving Obama and Nader in lower cases. Perhaps, such disposition tells something about some McCain supporters…

    Certainly, reducing everything to the issue of race is an easy way to look at the task for some people. Unfortunately, some people will vote based on the race rather than the real issues, but there will be others who care about the future of the US and the world and will make the right choice.

    I like your way of thinking: Democrats lost because they are socialists and all Clinton’s success is due to FTA. Clearly, only one factor must have been responsible for those events…

    Obama wants to reduce taxes for most of the people rather than giving to the people who earn significantly more than others.

    Oh, I like Vivaldi, but don’t appreciate out of context quotations in that video. Maybe this was the real cause of the economic crisis? Here is a good documentation of what really happened.

  6. That whole video seems a little ridiculous. I’m against Barack anyways. Both the candidates leave something to be desired, but Barack Obama just speaks in circles. He has a really conceited grin too, like he’s already king of the world. (I wanted to slap him all through the last debate) I think either way, our country is pretty much doomed. But if McCain wins, at least we can be doomed with health care. 😛

  7. It seems to me that Obama is quite straightforward in his talk, but he certainly can do better. He did explain his position on the issue quite well though in his conversation with now infamous Joe the Plumber. On the other hand, some people prefer this kind of discourse: “I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people,” said Palin and continued to recite her notes with winking interjections, ignoring the questions.

    Indeed, Obama might look condescending at times, but perception of such attitude will depend on the spectator. Sometimes we see what is not there due to various biases.

    Yes, both candidates are not perfect, but I say if the US survived Bush, it can survive anything 😛 However, we do have to choose the person who will be less detrimental to the progress.

  8. I’m not very biast at all, I really don’t care who wins. I’m to young to vote, so I’m just waiting to see what’s gonna happen. I still believe Barack Obama is very conceited though. It’s just the vibe he’s put off on everything I’ve seen him do. 😛

  9. Every person is biased in some way 😛 If Obama does appear in such a way to some people, he should work on that part of his presentation. I hope you’ll vote next elections then 🙂

  10. Well, we’re gonna have to embrace the truth that while neither candidate will do that much good for the country, one of them will end up winning anyway.

    There’s also the fact that no matter who you vote for, there will be people who will say something like…’What?! Why did you vote for Person A? You should have voted for Person B!’ Ugh, I hate it when people tell me that. Then arguments go on so forth…This is why this November, I will be taking a blindfold to the election and vote randomly. If I get pissed off, I’m going to vote with a blindfold. When I will be asked who I voted for, I’ll cheerfully respond…’Don’t know…don’t care…don’t give a sh*t’. But guess what, I still voted. 🙂

  11. Well, 7, I see you are an optimist 😛 Clearly, one candidate will do better for the country than the other.

    It seems that you are more concerned about your peer reaction to your choice rather than the future of your country and the world. Don’t you care about what will happen to your family at least? The choice of the next president will have an impact on everyone.

    Ignorance is bliss indeed, but it is not a solution. Rather than voting randomly, please take a few minutes of your time and learn where each candidate stands on the issues or, if you prefer an interactive approach and want to learn where the majority of people of your cohort stand, try MyDebates.

  12. Oh don’t you worry…I did my own research. I’m well aware of where each one stands. I’m still not satisfied though.

    As for peers…they managed to shut up after I said that…it’s all good.

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