It is not what you think 😛

Subscribers to the virtual wife free service can choose from one of four virtual wives, who include a cute maid café waitress, a cool domineering analyst, a motherly nurse, and a fashionable nail artist, and even pick her name. Users then input their height, weight, and lifestyle habits.

In return, they receive 4 emails daily from their virtual wife that include nagging reminders not to engage in unhealthy habits and suggestions for reaching their ideal body weight—all in a tone of voice appropriate to the chosen character.

Source: Virtual wife reminds you to eat healthy (Trends in Japan)

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15 thoughts on “Virtual Wife Will Take Care of You

  1. I am totally signing up for a wife. If only it were this easy in real life…

    But seriously, I need someone to kick my ass for eating too much junk food and for not exercising enough.

  2. Ōkami-kun,

    Yes, it takes a little more effort in real life. I hope you’ll improve your lifestyle with healthy diet and exercise 🙂

    – – –

    Kairu Ishimaru,

    Yes, I think many would select the maid 🙂

  3. Well he would probably view it as a spam email. Especially if online waifu was nagging him about diet.

    He already told me once, D.J when you see me eating something I shouldn’t tell me.

    So I did, it didn’t work XD

  4. Well, for some people it takes more than words to change their diet. Sometimes people start caring about something only after they lost it…

    I read some books, took a nutrition course, and my life changed forever 😛

  5. I need to get back on the wagon 🙂

    I lost the 10 pounds I gained through pregnancy two years ago and have kept it off, but I really do need to lose some more weight.

    Its kind of hard when you’re the only person in the house sticking to a plan though 🙂

    And yes you’re right you really have to want to make dietary/lifestyle changes.

    A lot of mine came from my desire to have a healthy child, so I cut out a lot of the bad. No pop, no caffeine, dark leafy greens high in folic acid. Switching out for wheat pasta, although I couldn’t make the switch to brown rice XD

    I don’t eat a lot of bread anymore, instead I eat low-carb wraps instead of having a sandwich.

    Of course with the way my sugar can drop on me, it probably means I should maybe add a few more good carbs to my diet.

    More rice and lentils in the diet, which is fine by me since I love them. Hubby isn’t so fond of them. Which is part of his problem, he’ll eat veggies like broccoli, but only if you smother them in cheese first!

    And of course you have to exercise portion control. Even before I started watching things my cholesterol was good and my blood pressure has always been low.

    Of course I do have a thing for chocolate, but you have to have a little bit of something you love every now and again.

    What I need to do is add some exercise to the list, since I just seem to have been maintaining for the year.

    But I’ve been kind of slack about my portions…

  6. Yes, it is hard to adhere to your plan when other people surrounding you do the opposite. Support is important in habit change. Perhaps, you can find some people who are doing the same thing. Consider meeting or registering on some forums with like-minded people that might facilitate your health behaviors.

    Fruits and berries are also good 🙂

    Cheese… I used to love cheese, but have an aversion to it now 😛

    Rice and lentils is an especially good combination because it provides different amino-acids 🙂

    I like chocolate as well, but eat it very rarely 😛

    Yes, exercise is very important. In fact, exercise has been shown to be as effective as some therapies or drugs in alleviating mood besides the physical health benefits. It does not have to very vigorous or long, just a little bit every day is good – the duration and intensity can be adjusted later.

    There is a secret to it of course. At least in my experience, everything starts with good night sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t feel like doing any exercise at all (I prefer exercising in the morning), and my brain does not function at the optimal capacity throughout the day. If fact, there were some studies that showed lower brain activity during tasks even when children slept one hour less than usual. Each person is different of course: some need nine hours and others might be fine with five.

    To get a good night sleep, you have to go to sleep early, and to go to sleep early, you have to make a plan, and to make a plan, you have to stop reading this and think about your life 😛

  7. Indeed, staying up late is not an easy habit to break, and sometimes I am guilty of warding off sleep demons for too long. The question is whether you want to change your pattern. Some people need only a few hours of sleep and can go to bed quite late. If you go to sleep late and it does not bother you, then it’s fine, but if it gives you some discomfort, consider adjusting your schedule. The change should be gradual though and will take some time.

    Some resources:

    10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It (Zen Habits)
    How to Become an Early Riser (Steve Pavlina)

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