I skimmed episode four today…

I really liked the director of Hyakko and hoped that it will be another slice-of-life comedy like Azumanga or Hidamari, but it turned out to be something else as evidenced by episode three and four… I have no plans to watch it anymore…


3 thoughts on “Hyakko After Four Episodes

  1. I personally don’t consider swimsuits to be fan-service, but I stopped watching after episode one because I don’t like the art style. The faces look terrible. While I could deal with it in Initial D because the story was so good, I didn’t get that feeling from this one.

  2. Gyurri,

    Yes, the first episode was good, but it all went downhill from there. I still had hope that the future episodes will be better, but the last couple of episodes completely obliterated it.

    – – –


    Swimsuits are ok, but there were many other things that bothered me since episode two. Indeed, the character design is quite special, and not many people might like it, but I was able to tolerate it.

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