The Tokyo-based Groovisions motion graphic design crew has created a stylishly animated educational video for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), which highlights some of the issues surrounding the future of food in Japan. (Pink Tentacle)

2 thoughts on “Future of Food in Japan (Video)

  1. I do not see anything about how much marketing and merchandising is done in Japan to promote the meat and oil choices in diet. Could it be that the once-balanced diet of the culture is not promoted as much? It is good to show how health problems and obesity are the result of the Western choices in foods, if the Japanese people take this to heart.
    Also, it would be good to see them return to the land that produces healthy foods locally, as some of us doing in the States communities. A movement to encourage young farm families is also a healthy life style choice, and would take the burdens from the shoulders of their aging population in rural areas. Aged parents could again assume a role as productive and loving members of the family that lives together.
    It is sad that in our Western culture the traditional family is broken up and abandoning their parents to a nursing home and lonliness. That may change but only because it cannot be sustained economically to support different residences.
    Maybe Japan can lead the way for the rest of us to regain balance and good diets.

    1. Yes, it seem the trend in Westernization is affecting Japanese diet. People used to have a very healthy lifestyle, especially in Okinawa as this 82-year-old woman demonstrates, but now it is getting much worse.

      Indeed, it would be nice if more people returned to nature. It reminds of the Kurosawa’s “Village of the Watermills” part from “Dreams” and Takahata’s “Only Yesterday”.

      Yes, talking to abandoned people in nursing homes during my volunteering was sad…

      I think education plays an important part in this. If nutrition courses were a requirement, people might have payed more attention to their diet. It is only a part though. To raise the awareness and change the behavior other global actions are needed.

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