Some highlights from the article by Ed Rollins (CNN)

Potential new records for the history:

  • African-American president
  • President born in Hawaii
  • Catholic vice president
  • Woman vice president
  • Vice president raised in Alaska
  • Oldest man to be elected to a first term

This is the first time two sitting U.S. senators are facing off against each other. It is the first time since 1928 a sitting president or vice president is not a candidate.

He [Bush] will leave office with the lowest approval ratings of any president in modern times and will be judged as a catastrophic failure who destroyed his party, left his successor with two unpopular, unfinished wars and left the country in the worst economic condition in nearly eight decades. That’s not even counting the Bush administration’s inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

I will vote for McCain, but I do so knowing he has run one of the weakest presidential campaigns in modern times and is probably going to lose big.

Having worked for four presidents, I know what tough decisions rest on a president’s desk each day. No matter how smart his advisers are, the decision is his.

Whoever wins, the next president may enjoy only two days of his presidency: his inauguration day and the day years later when he dedicates his presidential library.

Source: Election 2008 is heading for the history books (CNN)


9 thoughts on “US Presidential Election 2008: Making History

  1. Sorry to be a pain. I was pointing out that Obama would not be the first African-American president due to this.

    Your post was very thoughtful and interesting however.

  2. Your intentions were very clear, however, since I am quoting (that line on the left side denotes a quotation with this WordPress theme) I intentionally left this detail as is to reflect the view of the author.

  3. Personally, I would only consider first generation immigrants to be hyphenated Americans. That being said, there is no debating that Obama would be the first Black president. In reality, no one is purely Black or purely White or purely Asian. Such labels are cemented firmly in what people perceive. And people perceive that Obama is Black (or Arab, if they’re morons).

  4. Dreams from my father is hardcore. Makes me question the relationship between the Barack that wrote the book 15 or so years ago, and the fictive, constructed image of Obama that seeps through American and democratic propaganda, whatever that entails.

  5. Ōkami-kun,

    Indeed, we are all humans, and color of skin is a spectrum rather than a dichotomy.

    – – –


    This books is considered by some one of the best memoirs written by an American politician.

  6. Ōkami-kun —

    Actually, there is a debate that Obama is not black, as he is only half black, making him bi-ratial. Additionally, in many localities, race is defined as that of the mother, making him white.

    However, I could care less what race he is. I judge him on his issues and track record.

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