New Final Fantasy 13 looks hot, but there is some nostalgia associated with older games. This music video features cinematics from FF8 and a song I really like by a Canadian singer Audrey De Montigny 🙂

Warning: This video might contain spoilers. Also you might want to pause the video for a few seconds to let it preload for the best viewing experience.


4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VIII Music Video

  1. I love reminiscing on FF8. That was one of my favorite games ever on the first Playstation platform. The ball scene was one of the sweetest moments ever in gaming history. Squall and Rinoa will remain my most favorite Final Fantasy couple ever.. (Well, let’s see until FF Versus 13 comes out ^_^)

  2. Unfortunately, FF8 is a ball of bad memories for me. My interest in Versus 13 has been soured because the latest screenshots show the ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ looking very much like Squall and Rinoa.

    The song to the AMV is nice though.

  3. I am sorry for evoking your bad memories, Dramatis 😦 While the main characters of FF13 look somewhat similar to Squall and Rinoa, they might have different personalities, but I have not read about the game much though. The gameplay might make up some potential aversion to the characters, but we’ll have to see how it turns out.

    Indeed, the song is very nice – it was the main reason behind this post actually because I have some memories associated with that song…

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