Authors, publishers, and Google are announcing a huge settlement deal today in their lawsuits over the scanning of millions of copyrighted books in library collections. Google has agreed to a huge payout for books that were scanned without permission, but now they’ll be allowed to scan the books legitimately. Most important, they’ll be able to put millions of books online, including those still in copyright — not just for searching and not just in snippets. There is a groundbreaking new licensing system meant to make the books as widely available as possible while protecting the authors’ copyrights and enabling them to share in the revenue. Some will differ, but personally I think this is a wonderful outcome, for readers and for authors alike. (Slashdot)

This agreement is truly groundbreaking in three ways. First, it will give readers digital access to millions of in-copyright books; second, it will create a new market for authors and publishers to sell their works; and third, it will further the efforts of our library partners to preserve and maintain their collections while making books more accessible to students, readers and academic researchers. (Google)

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6 thoughts on “Google’s Groundbreaking Agreement

  1. this is pretty insane, yeah. I can’t really comprehend all the potential for this (i’m no economist…), but it sounds wonderful, though I’m sure there has to be some inherently bad things about it.

  2. Lelangir,

    Yes, there might be some negative consequences, but I am glad that the books will be more accessible to everyone 🙂

    – – –


    Indeed, researching will be easier 🙂 I hope they will scan some out of print books – there are plenty of old hidden gems.

    – – –


    I love to read too, but prefer paper to electronic versions 🙂

  3. Well nothing quite beats paper.

    Nothing beats curling up on your comfy chair when its cold, snuggled under a blanket, cup of steaming hot tea at your side.

    Whilst you sit back and relax with your favourite book 🙂

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