Someone actually proposed it…

We are not interested in three-dimensional world anymore.
If possible, we wanna be citizens of two-dimensional world.

However, it won’t come true with the science technology nowadays.
Then, don’t you permit the marriage with two-dimensional characters?

If it comes true, I (proposer of this campaign ) will marry with Asahina Mikuru.”

This person aims to collect 1 000 000 signatures

There are so many wrong things with this proposal… Check out some of them at Gaijinheart.

Source: Marriage with anime characters (Global Voices)

Now, the story reminded me of this clip…

13 thoughts on “Petition: Legalize Marriage to Anime Characters

  1. Yup, I heard many females expressed interest in their personal Sebastian, just like many males would want a meido 😛 I wouldn’t want to have any servants though.

  2. So just says if there are many people want to marry to that one character, since anime characters can’t give opinion, so who is she/he going to marry?

    As much as I love to play otome games (dating sims for girls, because I am female), I don’t want to marry him in reality world, at the game is already enough, after get one guy at game, I soon will forget him and move on to get another character, lol, no need to marry just 1 chara.

    1. They can make it on first come first serve basis or what would be even more fun is an essay contest on “Why I want to marry X.” lol

      Yes, it may be a fun game activity, but the actual marriage is taking things too far.

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