Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix

Tulpan (Sergey Dvortsevoy)
“Story of a young man’s desire to get married in order to become an adult. The life of a family in the harsh wildness is depicted with subtle humor. The picturesque beauty of the landscape is overwhelming.”

Special Jury Prize

4 Nights with AnnaJerzy Skolimowski
“A man is obsessed with peeping. Skillful direction holds the audience in suspense as the man’s ultimate fate is revealed. Audience will enjoy the techniques of a maestro in this film.”

Award for Best Director

Sergey Dvortsevoy – Tulpan

Award for Best Acress

Felicite Wouassi – With a Little Help from Myself

Award for Best Actor

Vincent Cassel – Public Enemy No.1(Part1&2)

Best Artistic Contribution

With a Little Help from Myself (Dir. Francois Dupeyron)
“Something happens to Sonia’s husband on their daughter’s wedding. Has the son been arrested? A moving story of a mother who faces various difficulties.”

Audience Award

School Days with a Pig(Dir. Tetsu Maeda)
“Torn between the decision to eat the pig, and the love they have put into caring for it, a first-year teacher (Satoshi Tsumabuki) and the 26 children face the meaning of “life” and “consumption.”

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

Ashes from the Sky(Dir.Jose Antonio Quiros)
“In a paradisiacal valley crowned by thermal power station, a villager, Federico, has spent 30 years fighting for the closing of the plant. He firmly believes that Kyoto Agreement will close it down.”

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Jury Award

School Days with a Pig(Dir. Tetsu Maeda)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Special Award

THE MEERKATS(Dir. James Honeyborne)
“The Meerkats’ is a revealing and entertaining look at one family’s daily struggle for survival in the harshest environment on earth.”

Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award

My Marlon and Brando(Dir. Huseyin Karabey)
“Ayça, a Turkish actress, meets Hama Ali on a film set. They fall in love. But after the shoot, Hama Ali has to go back to Northern Iraq. They continue their relationship from a distance.”

Special Mention

The Sun Also Rises(Dir. Jiang Wen)
The Convert(Yasmin Ahmad)
The Way We Are(Ann Hui)

Japanese Eyes Best Picture Award

buy a suit(Dir. Jun Ichikawa)
“Jun Ichikawa’s first self-produced film{buy a suit} depicts the quiet connections among the people in living through the restlessness and hollowness of Tokyo.”

Japanese Eyes Special Award

Ittoku Kishibe – Osaka Hamlet

Akira Kurosawa Award
Nikita Mikhalkov, Chen Kaige

Source: Tokyo International Film Festival

Further Reading: Tokyo International Film Festival offers rough but ambitious lineup (Japan Times)

One other film did catch my attention – Red Cliff by John Woo. The film is based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and events during the end of the Han Dynasty and immediately prior to the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China.

Director John Woo said in an interview with CCTV-6 that the film will use primarily the historical record Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms as a blueprint for the Battle of Red Cliffs, rather than the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As such, traditionally vilified characters such as Cao Cao and Zhou Yu will be given a more historically accurate treatment in the film.

Here is an excerpt from one of the reviewers:

The Korea Times writes: “Finally, Asian cinema sees the birth of a movie with the grandeur ― in both budget and inspiration ― of epic franchises like The Lord of the Rings.” “Hefty action sequences are knit together with delightful detail, including poetic animal imagery. While the Asian-ness of movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon caters to a Western audience, Red Cliff captures the heart and soul of the Asian philosophy with a more universal appeal.”

While I remain somewhat skeptical, I plan to watch it.

Here is nine minute trailer

2 thoughts on “Tokyo International Film Festival Winners

  1. Red Cliff is amazing! Watch the Chinese version because the English version is going to cut a 4.5 hour epic down to 2 hours.

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