China Channel: Experience Censored Internet

November 2, 2008

The Firefox add-on China Channel offers internet user outside China to surf the web as if they were in China. Take an unforgettable virtual trip to China and experience the technical expertise of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (supported by western companies). It’s open source, free and easy.



  1. Or just use China’s version of Google… which is So-So I think…

  2. I wonder if that Google version can disconnect you for 10-15 minutes like that channel does😛

    The extension shows how horrible the situation is in some places…

  3. I like how China killed him when he was searching for Democracy.

  4. Indeed, searching for Democracy in China is futile in both literal and figurative sense.

  5. […] mentioned how you can experience censorship in China before. This video presents some of the facts about internet censorship around the […]

  6. good news

  7. not long now till our internet is like that in the states

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