Read about the technology behind blue roses and watch some AMVs with rosy songs 🙂

The blue colour is obtained by implanting the gene that leads to the synthesis of blue pigment (Delphinidin ) from the pansy flower. Different from the roses created using conventional breeding technologies, the blue roses developed by Suntory boasts to have almost 100%* Delphinidin in their petal, making the dream rose a reality.

Source: EastAsiaFair via JapanSoc

Warning: Some of these videos contain flashes that may or may not cause seizures.

Ouran Host Club – Roses are Red

Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto) – Aoi Bara

Kurama (Yu-Yu-Hakusho) – Black Roses Red

Magnetic Rose – Desillusions

4 thoughts on “Blue Roses

      1. You should check it out. It’s just as good as Skip Beat. Or even better. ~Me loves the heart-wrenching episodes. MasamixMaya is NOT to be missed.~

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