The main function of Jingjing and Chacha is to intimidate,” a Shenzhen official told The Beijing Youth Daily. The newspaper article said the characters are there “to publicly remind all Netizens to be conscious of safe and healthy use of the Internet, self-regulate their online behavior and maintain harmonious Internet order together.” (Source)

I mentioned how you can experience censorship in China before. This video presents some of the facts about internet censorship around the world.

[via shape+color]

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5 thoughts on “Internet Censorship Around the World (Video)

  1. Very interesting video. I’ve always been annoyed by censorship attempts, ever since the Chinese government closed down sites and forums during the Olympics. I couldn’t even access wordpress while I was in China, and I can’t for the life of me understand just what wordpress did that made the government take the time to ban it.

  2. Choux,

    The censorship in China has been going on for some time. Since WordPress can provide a free blog to anyone, it is natural for the government that wants to control the information flow to block it. I wonder how much time will it take for the government to change in China…

    – – –

    Kairu Ishimaru,

    YES! Unfortunately, such is life in some countries…

  3. has been censored in the U.K. It will not appear as a valid site. Tyranny is closer to home than you might think. I would argue that the control over the information highway has protected old money interests for a long time. Now that people have nearly unlimited access to it, those old interests are starting to loose their composure. Very soon there will be a bill passed that allows the government complete control over the Internet in times of national crisis.

    What justifies a national crisis under this bill? Well, I haven’t researched it, but I imagine it would look something like 9/11. Maybe a few less deaths. It’s not like they would be trying to manufacture a war; just systematically oppress the knowledge of the world.

    Might want to do some research about these folks while your ISP still lets you. Lets just hope the internet isn’t turned into another television provider, with congress regulating what is deemed appropriate for the public.

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