Earn official credentials by taking these tests in Japan 🙂

Anime Kentei

Anime Kentei was established by the Association of Japanese Animations to “expand the popularity of animation and nurture animation-related knowledge”.


Levels range from one (hardest) to five (easiest). Only 25% pass level three (need 70% to pass), but voice actress Haruko Momoi did pass it, barely 😛 Level two is so difficult that even some members of the association that founded the test have difficulty with it.


60 multiple-choice questions – 60 Minutes (Level 2-4)


The questions vary extensively and can be very difficult, including knowledge of writers, directors, animation history, technology, science, art, music, etc. For example, some Level 3 questions were about U.S. Anime Expo and animation-making tools.

Type of questions by level and general test format
Try answering some of the questions!

Maid Kentei

“People tend to have biased ideas when they hear the word ‘maid’ in connection with maid cafes or Akihabara. We want to get rid of such notions by spreading the correct image of maids through this competency test,” said Taro Daimon, the chairman of Nippon Maid Association.

The last Maid Kentei for Level 2, in September, tested applicants who had passed Level 3 of the Maid Kentei in August. The Level 2 applicants were tested on maid manners, the history of maids–which is, according to the association, based on the maid culture that flourished in Victorian England–sewing, cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. (The last exam item is written.)

Manga Noryoku Kentei

Manken, which started in June last year, is a test in which professionals objectively evaluate your manga drawing ability and creativity,” said Kotaro Makino, a director at Nihon Manga Noryoku Kentei Kyokai association.

“We hope this kentei in the end will help people find a job in the industry. We are in a situation where even graduates of manga academies find it difficult to get a job in the industry due to the lack of criteria for manga industry workers,” Makino said.

The kentei, which will be held on Nov. 16 at about 30 locations around the nation, is divided into three categories--mangaka assistant, manga characters, and facial caricature kentei. The first category tests applicants on various skills required to be an assistant to a professional mangaka at three different levels. “You really have to be able to respond to various needs to work as an assistant to a mangaka. This particular test aims at examining talents capable of drawing different types of manga,” Makino said.

The manga character kentei, which is divided into six levels, tests applicants’ skills at drawing various characters in various settings. “This kentei is popular among students who love drawing manga and want to be professional mangaka,” Makino said. “The caricature kentei is mainly for those who like to draw caricatures as a hobby and want to know how good they are at doing so.”


Anime, maid, manga experts earn credentials (The Yomiuri Shimbun)
Anime experts earn credentials in Japan (Enquirer Herald) via Topix

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