22-year-old woman was killed in a Tokyo apartment. The police were standing outside the door when her killer came out. Yet he is still free 20 months later. David James Smith investigates the body-in-the-bath murder of Lindsay Hawker.

Lindsay Ann Hawker was a care-free 22-year-old following her dream of teaching English in Japan when she was brutally murdered.

Lindsay was last seen on the 25th of March with 28-year-old Tatsuya Ichihashi and her body was discovered on the balcony of his flat in Tokyo. He remains the Japanese Police’s only suspect and is on the run. (http://www.lindsayannhawker.com/)

Times Online posted a very detailed articles describing the details about the murder. What a horrible event it was… I hope Tatsuya Ichihashi will be caught soon. This case is another reminder to everyone: never visit rooms of people you don’t know!!!

Read full article: Bill Hawker: Where is my daughter’s killer? (Times Online)


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