Two idol stars of previous Taiwanese drama versions of shōjo manga will headline this new production. Ariel Lin, the actress who starred in the live-action It Started With a Kiss adaptation of Kaoru Tada’s Itazura na Kiss manga, will play Kyōko. Jerry Yan rose to international stardom in the Meteor Garden drama retelling of Yoko Kamio’s Hana Yori Dango manga, and he will now take on the Skip Beat! role of Kyōko’s acting mentor Ren Tsuruga. (ANN)

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13 thoughts on “Skip Beat Taiwanese TV Drama

  1. I think people are exaggerating a bit…
    I’ve never really gotten into the Drama craze, but I think this series has a shot at being a good live action show. It would be interesting to see what they do with the story, so I might actually give it a try.

  2. OH MY GOD. Am I the only who’s waiting for this one? I think it would be good. I watched both “It Started With a Kiss” and “Meteor Garden” doramas the time it aired on our country and I admit that I’m a major fan of them… And Je..Jerry Yan as Ren?! I’m so sold.

  3. Lostty,

    I never got into the dramas as well, but, as you say, it is good to stay open minded 🙂

    – – –


    Oh, looks like you are a fan of dramas 🙂 Jerry Yan seem to have some special qualities 😛

    – – –

    I find it fascinating that people have such diverse reactions to the news 🙂 However, I noticed that those who reacted negatively, didn’t elaborate much 😛

  4. I don’t usually watch dramas (well most manga I read never get made into dramas), but I’m definitely checking this one out.

    Live-action adaptations are a lot easier to separate from the original work because…well, it’s hard to connect a person with a character. So I’m…looking forward to it.

  5. hmm, i don’t think jerry yan’s a bad actor, but somehow he doesn’t really fit the role of tsuruga ren for me. when it comes to acting kuon, jerry yan will look WEIRD in blonde hair… i doubt that he can pull off ren’s smexyness + coldness to kyoko at the beginning and his fake smiles, etc. perhaps a better suited tw actor would be daniel henney… he looks the part!

    i’m fine with ariel lin acting as kyoko, but i’m not sure if she’d be good with jerry yan (compared to how it is in the manga)

    then again there’s nothing we can do but hope that this won’t ruin the manga/anime.

    squishysocks ❤

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