When do you sense that moment of defeat? (Sample size=1,056)

Rank Score
1 When I see the thing I bought offered at a discount the next day 100
2 When I see the other queues getting served faster than the one I’m in 96.0
3 When I remember just after paying that I forgot to pass over a discout coupon 72.5
4 When I forget I’d bought something and buy it again 64.3
5 When I realise after the meal I’d another dish in the fridge 54.9
6 When I’m the 999,999th or 1,000,001th customer 50.7
7 When I find there’s no toilet paper after doing the business 47.1
8 When I see someone wearing the same clothes as me 43.1
9 When I buy hot instead of cold or vice versa at a vending machine 41.7
10 When I get beaten by a fingertip to the last one in the shop 41.5
11 When I’m fooled by a link and get a virus 39.3
12 When someone gets on the train after me but beats me to a seat 38.9
13 When I realise after the meal I’d left a dish in the microwave 36.9
14 When I sleep until the evening on a holiday 36.5
15 When I get beaten by a fingertip by someone coming the other way at a two-way ticket gate 33.9
16 When I feel I need a poo just after a bath 32.7
17 When it stops raining right after I leave the house with an umbrella 31.9
18 When I mistakenly get on the local train instead of the express 25.3
19 When eating out with a group, my order only isn’t tasty 23.4
20 When I get the same present from two different people 22.8
21 When the colour of clothes, bag, etc that I want is not available, but buy the same design 20.4
22 When my eyes are shut on all my passport photos 19.8
23 When the person in front of me orders the last special cake, other food item in the shop 19.4
24 When thinking about giving up my seat in the train, someone older than me in the next seat beats me to it 19.0
25 When someone patents an idea I’d toyed with in the past 18.8
26 When I eat some high-class food but cannot understand why people rave about it 18.4
27 When I go to the toilet during a movie and miss an important scene 17.2
28 When I go to look why the camera self-timer hasn’t fired, and it does 15.2
29 When I go to a movie and realise I’d forgotten I’d seen it before 13.2
30 When a foreigner speaks to me in English and I reply in Japanese 11.8

Source: What Japan Thinks

They wrote some very weird questionnaire… All these situations are so insubstantial that they don’t really worth worrying over them and are very far from a defeat.

What about you? When do you feel defeated?


10 thoughts on “When Japanese Fail

  1. I agree that these are some very odd questions to define when someone feels “defeat”. Though, in a way, they aren’t all that bad in some cases, especially since I can’t really think of any better examples to use…

  2. Sakura,

    Oh yeah, I remember in Warcraft II it took me quite some time to clear all the map except one tiny enemy ship, but I ran out of resources to take it down and had to start from the very beginning again >.< I felt somewhat upset about the experience at the time (more than a decade ago).

    I feel defeated when I don’t meet my own standards, which are set too high sometimes 😛

    – – –


    Yes, they had fun 😛 Indeed, some of the situations can be upsetting, but it is best to keep things in perspective – there are many other worse things that can happen to a person.

    – – –


    Yes, some of the examples are ok, but they could have used more general or more serious cases.

  3. It does not matter if you witnessed or experiences the events mentioned in this survey. What matters is how you reacted to them then and how you’ll react next time. You are not a failure!

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