The recent disappearance of what things leaves you feeling lonely? (Sample size=1,056)

Rank Score
1 Public telephones 100
2 Exchanging letters 88.0
3 Privately-owned shops 71.9
4 Neighbourhood sweet shops 68.4
5 Children’s secret hideouts 61.0
6 Open fields 52.3
7 Sleeper trains 48.5
8 Natural forests, mountains in the back garden 48.0
9 Lifetime employment 46.4
10 Funfair on department store rooftops 46.4
11 Dining cars on trains 45.7
12 Being friends with the neighbours 45.4
13 Fields, rice paddies 44.1
14 Japanese style veranda 42.9
15 Mobile shops (tofu, milk, wind chimes, food carts, etc) 38.5
16 Seasonal features 38.0
17 Old-style coffee shops 31.6
18 Quiz programmes featuring members of the public 29.1
19 Back streets 28.3
20 Film cameras 26.8
21 Local festivals 25.5
22 Mosquito nets 24.5
23 Chindon-ya, advertising marching bands 22.7
24 Historical plays 21.4
25 “Nomi-nication”, the Japanese for “drink” stuck on the head of “communication” 19.6
26 Magazines 19.4
27 Juvenile gangs 12.5
28 Mobile libraries 12.2
29 Rental video 12.0
30 Pin-up idol audition programmes 9.7

Source: What Japan Thinks
P.S. What anime the screenshot was taken from?


9 thoughts on “What Disappearing Items Make Japanese Lonely?

  1. That is a good list. I was home for thanksgiving and they tore down the park where I played as a kid so I definitely know the feeling of lost secret hangout from childhood. 😛

  2. Thepoop,

    Oh, they tore down your park? 😦 That is sad… I know how it feels because the park I used to play in was also lost…

    – – –


    Yes, it seems many people are nostalgic about public phones. I don’t know the reason behind it, but, perhaps, it is because the ease of communication now is taken for granted. Also since people who feel nostalgia about public phones are relatively old now, at the time when public phones used to be prevalent, certain conversations, including romantic ones, might have been associated with public phones. See 5 cm/sec for a good contrast between public and cell phones.

    The image is not from Kiki’s Delivery Service, but it is a Ghibli movie 🙂

  3. That image is from Only Yesterday, right?

    What strikes me as odd is why would someone feel lonely about those things; melancholic or nostalgic about a more peaceful, quieter, less communicated time sure, but lonely?

  4. I miss music CDs being some sort of popularity badge back in middle school. Used to have good times talking about the songs in them. Now all those young’ins look to iTunes and freeshare sites…

  5. Yes, many people have iPods now instead of CDs, but I hope it won’t prevent them from talking about songs. I used to listen to some tales on vinyl records when I was very young – those were fun 🙂

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