I liked the old default theme, but new choices were quite interesting. While most themes look nice, I had some complaints about them. Some color themes were too saturated and most themes had a very poor contrast between read and unread emails. The theme that I liked the most was Phantasea because its header and color changes throughout the day relative to the position of the sun while preserving good contrast between new and old messages.

To change your theme go to Settings (upper right corner) > Themes

Source: Spice up your inbox with colors and themes (Google Blog)


15 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Gmail Theme?

  1. I like Shiny, but lately I have been using Zenbe.com. It’s a new startup that checks all of my email addresses in one place (along with Facebook and Twitter). It is like a social email experience and is much better at organizing email and attachments than even Gmail. It’s worth a look, to say the least.

  2. Ehhh you can only choose one favorite?
    I like tea house, ninja and planet, etc..
    I like gmail themse, especially the changing according to time is pretty cool ^^ Like right now i’m using tea house and i always seek the fox to see what he’s doing during the day. It’s cute.

  3. Ōkami-Sensei,

    Oh, thanks for mentioning that service, I’ll check it out.

    – – –


    Yes, many themes are fun 🙂 Fox in a theme is always a plus 😛

  4. I’m totally addicted to Terminal ! The monochrome green take me back to the sci-fi movies where computers were magical machines operated by mystical technicians. XD

  5. My personal favorite is the Tea House! Check your mail at different times to see what the Fox (Kitsune is it’s name I believe) is doing! It is awsome!

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