As I reported previously, Winter Sonata is a new anime based on a popular Korean drama to be released in 2009. The official website published some nice music recently. It has three pieces so far featuring piano and violin.

Winter Sonata Anime Music (Official Website)

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4 thoughts on “Winter Sonata Anime Music

  1. Looks like the character designs are a bit TOO close to the their drama counterparts. I was expecting a different take on Winter Sonata, but oh well, I’m just glad this is in production.

  2. I have not seen the drama, so it all looks new to me, but I like it so far 🙂 Since it is called Winter Sonata, I hope they will release it during winter season 😛

  3. no frigging way! i love that korean drama and now an anime noooo way!!! im looking forward on it!!!! i guess there will be a lots of drama and crying scene huhuhu but im excited and i can’t hide it!

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