The survey has been conducted in 10-year intervals since 1988.

In response to the question, “What time do you want to enrich the most?” 39.3 percent of husbands answered “time as a couple,” up 8.7 points from 20 years ago. The corresponding figure for wives, however, stood at 26.2 percent, 9 points lower than 20 years ago. The top answer to the question among women was “private time,” at 64.8 percent, surpassing the 50.3 percent of women who included “time as a family” in their answers.

A total of 39.7 percent of wives agreed with the statement, “It is better not to get divorced.” The figure was an increase from 10 years ago, when 35.9 percent gave the same answer, but significantly lower than the 64.2 percent of men who agreed with the statement.

“It appears that husbands want to snuggle up to their wives, but wives are looking outside the home. The employment situation has worsened due to poor economic conditions, and it appears that wives are hesitant to get divorced,” an institute representative commenting on the results said.

Source: Japanese husbands want to snuggle up to wives, but wives want private time: survey (Mainichi)


2 thoughts on “Japanese Husbands Want to Snuggle, Wives Want Privacy

  1. Yes, it is sad. I read that in Japan after marriage the roles change somewhat significantly. People’s parental roles take strong precedence over those of lovers. Thus, people spend less time on romantic activities or feel too tired to do it.

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