Since the end of 2005, there have been more than 100 cases of mothers murdering their own children, including six this September alone.

Fujiko Yamada, founder of the Child Maltreatment Prevention Centre, said: “There is a high level of schooling for Japanese women now, and we are taught from a young age that men and women are equal in terms of education, work and society.

“But there is also pressure on women when they get married to abandon their career and focus on raising a family,” she said.

Frustrated at a sense of loss, compounded by husbands “who do not care about their children or wives”, there has been a rapid increase in numbers of women experiencing depression, personality disorders and other mental illnesses.

I did not feel any hope for the future,” she told police, blaming her actions on isolation and being overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a mother. “As well as killing my son, I thought about killing myself.”

Mothers here are very serious about being good mothers, take on too much responsibility and cannot speak about the pressures to family or friends,” she said. “They want to project the image of the perfect mother and it’s not always like that.”

Read Full Article: Rise in Japanese women attacking children due to low self-esteem (Telegraph) via Japundit

P.S. Do you know the anime, the character, and the scene depicted on the image?

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