It’s been a while, but we are back with the coverage of the second episode of Hakushaku to Yousei! 🙂 Just like with the first episode, Sakura provided the commentary, and I took the screenshots.

Warning: this post contains pictures of half-naked bishies 😛

While I feel that this show really hits its stride in episode 3 that would be getting ahead of myself and we learn quite a bit in episode 2 so it would be a shame not to summarize it.

I do so love the banter between these two!

It ends with Huskley turning up on the doorstep of Lydia’s father with a policeman in tow, informing him that his daughter has been kidnapped!

So the mysterious Edgar is just a little bit less of a mystery now, or is he. Can we believe anything he actually says? Did he spin that story just to get Lydia on his good side or was he telling the truth?

I’m gonna side with Lydia and trust in Edgar, Huskley (Gotham) looks shifty to me, its that evil smirk and he raises his hat at the end of the episode. Beware the evil smirk!

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9 thoughts on “Hakushaku to Yōsei (Earl and Fairy) Episode 2 – My Fairy

  1. Other then episode 4, I’ve been enjoying this show greatly.

    I like how the check says “five pounds only” instead of five hundred – I wonder if they just missed the hundred part or figured it didn’t matter.

  2. Kanzeon,

    Yes, the ED was nice, but one has to exercise caution and watch out for excessive nosebleeding 😛

    Raven is another person with the eye power this season 😛

    – – –


    Yup, it is a fun anime, and I especially like the fantasy setting 🙂

    I didn’t pay attention to the “five pounds only” note. I wonder if it is intentional.

  3. I saw the first ep screen shots and loved them and same goes for these ones. Both beautiful…I really want to watch this show, but Pics are fine too.

  4. @thenullset, probably an error on their part or just another example of Edgar being a scoundrel 🙂

    @Codee, yes Kitsune’s screenshots are always of good quality.

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