The Japanese Government is trying to outlaw the sale of Japanese used school girl panties. They are so popular that they are sold in vending machines, individually wrapped with a picture of the school girl who allegedly wore them.

Warming: This video may be very disturbing for some people…

Source: Inquisitr via Japundit


2 thoughts on “Ban Hammer Strikes

  1. They were talking about this on a radio show to listen to, like the vending machines were a new thing.

    But one wonders, are they are good idea in that they give these pervs with a fetish their fix so they don’t disturb anyone.

    If they are taken away will the buyers start pestering school girls to get their beloved panties?

    Or does the existence of these machines just enforce the idea to them, that their fetish is okay.
    I’m sure for the vast majority its a harmless thing, but for some their fetish can escalate to the point where people get attacked.

    Either way I think the concept is very weird, people collect all sorts of crap I guess.

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